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Spiritual Meaning Of Rain In Your Dream

In James 5:18, Lev 26:4, I Kings 18:41-45, describe rain as an increase, fruitfulness, reaping time etc. When it comes to rain, the Bible has explained the significant meaning behind this dream. If you dream that rain fell upon you in the spirit or you were drenched by the rain, it signifies the opening of your heaven to a certain situation of your life. If you felt so happy after rain fall upon you then it symbolizes spiritual purification and wholeness. The symbol of rain dream is also telling you that you are getting to the point of bouncing back again in life.

A man dreamed where rain fall on him and in a matter of months, the miracle door of job breakthrough was opened for him. And since that time, there has been promotion for him. We cannot underestimate the divine mystery behind the rain. For instance, rain drizzling means internal peace and patience in the school of expectations. On the other end, rain drops may be connected to the plans of God towards you has come to fulfillment.

Rain showers on you indicate a release of new ideas, purpose, others could be sound healing. These represent new beginnings and success. To see heavy rainfall in dream indicates abundance of blessings with divine favour. Good rains are also signs of prosperity, financial gains and happiness. Are you a business person? Then you will begin to experience a mighty turnaround. Perhaps your ways are not upright with God, so dreaming about rain can represent forgiveness, mercy and cleansing from the sin, mistakes or errors of your past. God may decide to summon you into the rain as it may flush out every evil deposit, and other negative attacks holding you back from your dreams.

Embark on one day prayers and fasting between 6am to 6pm. Pray with the use of Deut 28:1-14 and 2 Chro 31:2-10. Be guided, if led, you can also pray it in the rain.

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