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Rev Obofour's stool name is the first of it's kind; sounds confusing

The Founder and Leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) worldwide and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sweet TV, and other group of companies, Reverend Obofour, formerly known as Asanteman Bofour has been captured in a video being installed as a chief.

In the said video which has home viral, one of them he was dressed like Ga Mantse and the other which he was dressed like Otumfour.

If this happens to be true, the multi millionaire would be conflicting Christianity with Traditional religion. This is because, being a man of God, it would be too unhealthy as he would also be performing some customary rights like pouring of libation and invoking our ancestors as part of requirements per our customs?

This means that he would have to quit one of the two positions, that is being a man of God and being a Chief or a King. The videos and pictures circulating around suggests that he's more happy being a Chief but as to whether he will quit the pastoral job, time will tell.

In the video, Reverend Obofour was seen clothed in a fine Ashanti kente and dressed like a King from the Ashanti, whiles being hailed as such. 'Nana o', 'Nano o' his subjects numbering about 12 hailed him.

He was also seen with an umbrella and akɔfena which was similar to that of the Amanhene.The confusion with the stool name is where Asantehene and Mantse could be combined to make a stool name, "Asantehene Mantse" of Sempe, James town.

As we speak, it is not clear as to whether his installation was done by Otumfour or Ga Mantse. His specific duties looking at the stool name is also not certain.

The big question here is, will Obofour serve the King of Ashanti, Otumfour Osei Tutu II or Ga Manste?

Other's too are suggesting that this might be one of the usual movies that is yet to come. Or may be the elders are lone looking for their daily kenkey money for the day, after all they have sold all their lands and what again do you want them to feed on?

Watch excerpts of the video here:

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