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Youth Groups Threaten Closure of Bishop Dag's Churches In the Ashanti Region. DETAILS

Net2 TV's "The Seat Show" played an audio, which it purported that, Bishop Dag had literally insulted the Asantehene and fast forward, the Lighthouse Chapel has apologized, rather touting the achievements of the Asantehene, as a promoter of education in the country.

However, according to four (4) youth groups in the Ashanti Region, they insist that, this written apology of founder of Lighthouse Chapel International Bishop Dag Heward-Mills in a press release, which has since gone viral, since its release, few days back, is surprisingly not enough.

The four (4) youth groups, which is comprising of Ashanti Youth Association (AYA), Kumasi Youth Association (KuYA), Ashanti Zongo Youth Association (AZOYA) and Ashanti Student’s Union (ASU) have therefore, given Bishop Dag, just 48 hours within which to personally apologize to the Asantehene, or risk closure of all his churches in the Region.

General Secretary of Ashanti Youth Association (AYA), Tweneboah Kodua explained that “we deem the Bishop’s so-called apology as null and void because as custom demands, you cannot just say such unprintable words against our Chief and apologize via a mere letter. Although I haven’t sighted any apology letter, but even if there is one, the Bishop must know better because the Ashanti customs and laws are very wide and must be followed to the latter." he said.

"Also, we are warning all and sundry who hide under religion, tribe, et al, to push this evil agenda against Asante Sikadwa and the King would be met with same brute force and the person would be dealt with,” he added.

In the viral video of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, which was first played by Kwaku Annan on his "The Seat Show," he is heard allegedly describing the Asantehene as useless and not helping to his people and immediate subjects, as he taught on how leaders/chief's are the determining factor, for ensuring development, as the resources are at their beck and call.

Apologizing to the Asantehene, Bishop Heward-Mills however explained that he preached this message, nearly two decades ago and the content has been taken out of context “by persons who have previously declared their intention to bring harm and ridicule to our church”.

“I am deeply saddened that a message I shared at a conference, nearly 20 years ago, has been taken out of its context and circulated by persons who have previously declared that they will maliciously cause our churches in Kumasi to be closed down”, it stated.

Bishop Heward-Mills said the accomplishments of the Asantehene are evident and manifest for all to see. Also, not only does he extol him, as the Chancellor of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) but also noted his achievement in building about 788 schools since he ascended the throne" and hence, "deeply regret that my words spoken almost 20 years ago have offended this honourable institution, which has worked tirelessly for many years to make Ghana and the world a better place for all of us to live in.”

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