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Invoke Archangel Ariel, Holy Angel of God for financial Attainment

Archangel Ariel looks after the needs of all creatures on this planet, both large and small, in the physical world and in the environment.

As a result, she is also frequently referred to as the financial and prosperity angel. You can invoke this angel to receive financial blessings. When she appears in meditations, she often appears as a golden-yellow light, and sometimes appears with animal symbols, such as showing up in meditation with a small rabbit or deer.

For this reason, spending time helping animals can increase her connection to you.

You can ask Archangel Ariel to direct your focus and energy away from areas where abundance is stagnant and toward pursuits and activities that provide abundance.

Take a few deep breaths and picture the energy of Archangel Ariel, the golden light, descending to your heart as you begin this angel prayer for prosperity. Then, start raising your vibration to prosperity with the angel prayer for financial abundance below.

Archangel Ariel Prosperity Prayer

"Thank you, Archangel Ariel, for the abundance you have already provided and for the previous miracles I have received.

Thank you for everything I've received, both monetary and non-monetary. Thank you for all of the prosperity blessings and helpers you have directed my way.

Thank you, Archangel Ariel, for assisting me in becoming more open to receiving prosperity in both expected and unexpected ways.

Thank you for assisting me in seeing opportunities as they appear to me, as well as assisting others around me in seeing opportunities and sharing them with me.

Thank you for identifying and removing the barriers to receiving abundance that I had. Thank you for directing me to areas and people who have resources from which I can benefit and contribute in an equally prosperous and abundant manner.

Thank you for your intuition in showing me the path to greater prosperity and steering me away from places where it is not.

Thank you for the needed bank boost and for showing me the physical steps I can take to create a smoother flow of financial freedom and prosperity for everyone I care about.

And So It Is".

It's also a good sign if you see any feathers or bird signs after you finish this prayer.

Archangel When we focus on abundance-providing endeavors and activities, Ariel frequently communicates with those she watches over by providing joyful and positive feelings.

She also uses clairsentience, also known as instinct, to communicate.

So pay attention to how you clairsentiently feel after reciting this prayer and follow the guidance you receive for your financial attainment.

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