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Before going out this day, speak these words of blessings into your life through this short prayer.

The lord God has made your mouth sharper like a quiver and powerful to decree greater blessings over your life and family. The bible says "thou shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass" if only you believe. Faith is a powerful tool of success required to activate our spiritual blessings into reality.

Begin your day by reciting these blessings into your life. "I will be the head and not the tail" in my family. My efforts today will yield fruitful results no matter the challenges. God will never put me into shame all the days of my life. I will see the goodness of the lord on the land of the living. My mockers will be shocked at my unfathomable blessings.

My life will see a positive turn around soon. I know for sure that my redeemer lives who will bring all my troubles to an end and fill my mouth will great laughter. God will give me rains from heaven to make my life green and fresher. My challenges today shall turn into testimonies tomorrow. I am highly confident that i will see the blessings of the lord in my life no matter what comes my way.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. My going out and coming in is kept in God's hand. I will not die by accident. I will go to work and come back home safely. Any trap set for my life shall not work in Jesus name.

My children are kept in God's care. They will go to school and come back alive. God will protect them from child kidnappers in Jesus name. My husband will continue to live to see the upbringing of my children. I will not be a widow in Jesus name.

I will see fruitfulness in my business. I refuse to be highly indebted in Jesus name. May all my downfall seekers be put to shame in the name of Jesus Christ. May every blessings of my life come to pass as soon as possible. Anything delaying my blessings will die by fire in Jesus name.




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