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Slay Queen Repented After She Saw Something Extremely Big

Slay queens are really suffering and worrying themselves in this small world. They do things as if they don't care about anybody else. They have been enjoying their life and playing their life in whatever way they want. They will be on social media 24/7 showing their bodies and their assets to the world. They think they are on top of the world and seems to be bigger than anything they come across. They think they can overcome anything they come across. And they can endure anything giving to them. Maybe because they also have big things they can also endure and enjoy it.

What they do is chasing guys here and there. Chasing sugar daddy's and other big men and guys in the country. All they care is to get their money to take care of their body. Portray expensive life on social media. It has been reported a beautiful slay queen who doesn't care about anybody because she believes she has everything and nice body. This slay queen has been chasing pastors in the churches and causing them to fall. She has been causing them to fornicate and other things. This slay queen one day went to a particular church as usual to bring down a particular pastor. She went and sat in front of the church showing her body parts to the pastor and other leaders of the church.

As the church was going on the pastor instructed everyone to stand up and pray. They stood up and started praying, as they continued praying the lady started to shout and jumping here and there. So they continued praying heavily and the lady fell on the ground shouting. She then pleaded to the pastor that the pastor should forgive her and let her live. She told the pastor the mission to the church and her intentions. The pastor prayed for her and gave her a bible to repeat some words from him. She repeated some words from the pastor and there the slay queen repented from her evil deeds. She had met God who is extremely bigger than her.

Content created and supplied by: Abrante3gyimah (via Opera News )


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