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Who pleases God, Man Of Reasoning and Man of Faith ?

It is exactly what the desciples of Jesus were thinking of when they inquired,"Who is the greatest in the kingdom of God?"

Setting the difference straight let's look at these

Proverbs 14:12&16:25( There is a way that seemeth good unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death)

Let's learn that man has been given the free will to think and take responsibility of his thoughts and action. No doubt he will do it freely ,but the irony here is that God has given man the free will to think properly in what is descent or right. To abuse that free will of thinking is to think negative, hence in it( negativity) are the ways of death

Reasoning outside the will of God is vague,doom and mere philosophy. The only right philosophy is the word of God that gives the truth. Mere reasoning or thinking negative leads to doom and unhappiness which are the ways of death as said by the scripture

Faith as Hebrew told us is to hope in 'godly' things, things of the kingdom of God. Faith is accompanied by action and the action is what attracts the rewards of God. So mere Faith is also death(James 2:6)

So a man who places his life on mere reasoning of vain philosophy cannot please God and such leads to death( eternal death)

A man who places his life on Faith and Action receives rewards from God( eternal life) after death.

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