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2 Pentecostal Elders Ruined My Life, Christians Are Wicked- Young Man Reveals

A young man who is called Fada has opened up up on his story and it's very sad. In an interview with Dave Hammer on his YouTube handle, the young man disclosed that one of the people who are very hypocrites are Christians since his encounter with them has proven to be so. He added that he has suffered in the hands of two Christians since they were the reason he wasn't employed in a company.

Fada continued by saying that he was employed in a company of which the CEO of that company called him to congratulate him of his employment. Since I was excited, I called the person who led me to the company to tell him that I've been employed but not knowing that he envied me on my new job.

Since he envied me, he called the CEO of that company who is a Pentecost elder and connive with him to deny me of the employment even though I had already been picked. The 2 pentecostal Elders ruined my life by denying me of the job even though I qualified for it. It really pained me since am a human being but I've known with this experience that Christians are very wicked. Kindly leave your comments, share and follow us for more updates. Thank you.

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