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'Churches Are Turning Men Into Something Else': Can You Attend This Church As A True Christian?

'Churches Are Turning Men Into Something Else': Can You Attend This Church As A True Christian?

From search and web diving, the news desk of Esiama has once again discovered a fascinating story that is trending on social media. If you want to stay updated and get the most from the internet then we urge you to click on the FOLLOW button at the top right corner of your screen in order to stay get our daily updates from the topics of health, entertainment, love and relationship as well as sports.

That said, let us shift our focus to the topic of the day. In a story or post sighted on Facebook, one church that is unidentified is believing to be turning men into something else according to netizens.

From the photo which can be seen above and below this paragraph, you can vividly see what the church members are wearing, a uniform which seems 'strange' to be worn by men. The photo is a recent one as you can see the members observing Covid-19 protocols, that is wearing of face mask or nose mask.

The strange glimpse from the photo has triggered some level of confusion among netizens. Some people have even started asking about the whereabouts of the church with the intention to go for a ride there while others are criticizing the act or process.

Below are some of the reactions from the Facebook page where the post was shared;

"Churches are turning men into ... I don't even know what to say but their dignity is gone."

"Where is this church located I need to take my friend for a church date"

"Church of God and Saints of Christ. My church, life and home"

"Satan must with this church if he wants to collapse anything"

So now let us know your opinion, Can you attend this church if you are a true Christian?

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