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You are Dashing away your blessings if you keep doing this

Lately, I was attempting to give my daughter her vitamin C syrup. As it's her custom whenever she notices a drug in my hand, she struts up from what she is executing and dashes away.

I took my momentum to carefully measure out the instructed dose before I went to get her from wherever she fled to.

The closer I got to her, the more distant she tried to get on, but no matter how hard she tried, her farthest distance is never far enough.

I grabbed her and gave her the supplement, once she tasted it, she stopped struggling because she recognized the taste was sweet.

Many are like little Gloria, they know God is calling them but they keep running away.

They ignore His call and try to bury themselves in something else. Little do they know that you cannot hide from God.

God is calling you. He has your best interest at heart because He loves you. 

He wants to save you from sin and give you eternal life, He wants to use for His glory.

Don't think you can run from God. Don't misplace His patience for weakness. If you have closed your heart to Him, right now is the best time to open up because He is still very much available for you, procrastination can hinder a lot of blessings and benefits.

Do it now and remain fulfilled. Have you ever been in the position of Gloria or had someone like Gloria? Please we would like to know in the comment section below.

Don't give up, help is on the way. 

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