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Zionfelix Does Not Understand What "Worship" Is, TRENDING.

This world does not balance oo. So when Zionfelix was leading worship on his highly followed YouTube page, with hundreds joining him, he was apparently having carnal knowledge of a supposed Gospel artist, who had called on him, for help in promoting her brand.

Well fast forward, "Pregnancy" exposed both of them. As Bukuom Banku once said, "do it in the secret, but when the pregnancy shows up, you will not be able to deny it anymore" and this is the reality, both Zionfelix and many believers are faced with daily.

On Friday last week, Ghanaians woke up to a viral video of Zionfelix exchanging vows with a woman identified as Erica in a traditional wedding ceremony, as seen here at (VIDEO), as this is popular Ghanaian blogger, Zionfelix and Erica, a Ghanaian based in Italy.

Long and short, Erica travelled to Ghana to promote some Gospel music she said she’s done. She contracted Zion as a blogger to help her promote her music and gospel musician brand and in the course of working, they got knacking and Erica got pregnant. Before then, Zion had always maintained he already has a fiancée Minalyn whom Erica knows very well.

So fast forward, when the pregnancy came in, Erica’s family asked that Zion’s family come and traditionally accepts the pregnancy [learnt is a Ghanaian thing]. Upon getting there, Erica’s mom insisted that Zion should at least do something called knocking [introduction], because Erica is one of the leaders in the church choir and it will be a disgrace that she is pregnant without been married etc. Erica’s mom was able to convince Zion’s parents eventually, making it happen.

I have always had my concerns with Zionfelix's worship sessions and please, before you add me up to the "holy than thou" group and discard these refined thoughts mine, please read a bit more further.

My first reservation was based on the fact that, Zionfelix, now a rich celebrity by all standards, as YouTube pays him well, thanks t his trending content and increasing following was the fact that, he always leads the viewers to "worship God, for the many things He has done for them!"

From my small understanding of the word of God, that is simply "Praise" and never true worship. True worship may have elements of praise and thanksgiving, but the core aspect of worship, is to extol God, for who He is and not necessarily, what He has done for us.

o m point is, just as Crist said, "You err because you do not know the scriptures," I could confidently assert that, there was something wrong with his worship sessions, that had thousands following and joining in. One is left to wonder, what is this was one of his innovations? After al as a content creator, and one of the leaders in the industry in Ghana, maybe it was just right, that he creates content for the many "Christian" persons, who must be reached as well.

In this video for instance,, he hosted accomplished artist such as Grace Ashy, who knows, if it was free or he charged up her management, just to use his fast trending platform, just to help boast, her brand on her new album out? Only them, can tell us.

Again, his at lest pregnancy rumours, if anything to go by, exposes his hypocrisy. May God help us all, many of us are confessed Christians in Ghana, yet, we are all the same people, behind the fights in our extended families, the corruption in the workplace and the seeming disunity, even in the communities we find ourselves in and this may be the right time to ask, "is our lifestyles really reflective of our confessions as followers of Christ?"

If not, I can humbly conclude that, our worship, may well be an emotional exercise, as the man up there, deserves our true and spiritual worship, far above the lip-serviced worship, that religion imposes on humans and may we, never fall for the public show off of been pious, when on the inside and outside, we are just like the "sinners," we judge and point hands to daily, in our communities, such as the drunkard, armed robber, corrupt politician or even that lady, who has made a name for herself as a fornicator.

Rich Youtuber Zionfelix, flaunting his 3 cars and four bedroom house.

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Bukuom Banku Zionfelix


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