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I was so amazed when I saw Lucifer. He is handsome than every human being on earth -- Mr. Lukuntu

This is a testimony of Mr. Lukuntu, a former Occultist whose testimony will tell us about the secrets of the devil. My Page name is known as Jesus-is-Coming. So if you are a Christian, please subscribe to my page by clicking on the + Follow button above for more of posts that will drive us to heaven.

Dear friends, Mr. Lukuntu served Satan for nearly twenty-five years. He was adopted as a child by Lucifer and faithfully served as sole master to the one he affectionately called "dad" until the day when, by the grace of God, he met Jesus, or more precisely, Jesus Christ, who took pity on him and delivered him from the chains and torment of Hell, which Satan, his ruthless master, had already connected him to.

For 25 years, he served the devil as the third-degree representative in the mystery of the air. And he started serving the devil when he was only two months old. When you're talking about two months, you're dealing with a baby, so he didn't choose to be what he was.

But it was evil people who led him into the mystical world. He began with sorcery and progressed through it until He was granted permission to attend all of Africa's wizarding conventions. They used to meet in the Kalahari Desert, and there was a high-ranking demon there, Hindu Sankara, who was in charge of taking reports from all meetings and transmitting them to Lucifer, Satan.

He joined the catch after sorcery and gained the power of the "Tarzan engine." Following the catch, He joined the Indian magic known as "Magic K," which is a synthesis of two types of magic: Egyptian magic and the old Indian magic known as "Hindu magic."

After that, he evolved and met a priest who initiated him into a different type of magic known as "holy magic." Catholic magic is nothing more than holy magic. That priest was Spanish and a member of the Catholic fathers' congregation.

He also initiated him into the practice of white magic. He even became a member of the Amorc (Ancient and Mystical Order Ros Crucis, also known as the Rosicrucian Order). Following that, he was summoned to India, where He met Satan's prime minister. He worked there as well, and then went to the mystical world of Pandemonium. He married a white woman named Helene there.

He lived there and worked a lot for the devil until they summoned him back to India, where he was told to bring four barrels full of human blood, which he did after many human sacrifices, and from there, He was promoted to the rank of Lucifer's secretary.

After that, he went to Tartarus, where he met Lucifer. Beloved, when he first saw Lucifer, he didn't think he was the devil. The devil is extremely attractive, and he has never seen a human being as attractive as Lucifer.

But all of that is just an act, because he is only evil. He worked with him until he gave him permission to attend all of the meetings he organized with Satanists from all over the world. They met beneath the waves, at the confluence of two oceans: the Atlantic and the Indian. At their meeting point, a triangle known as the Bermuda Triangle exists. Deep underground, there is a large white temple known as "the white house of Lucifer."

Beloved, the irony is that while He was there, He saw some people who claimed to be men of God, as well as some pastors who made noises. They present themselves as God's ministers, but in reality, they are Satan's agents.

There are far too many of them there. He has not been given permission to name individuals, but he is aware that not all those who claim to be God's servants are God's servants. So that's all He did in a nutshell.

Subscribe to my page for the continuation of the story. This is just the beginning of the terror this man did to the world, especially Christians in general. Don’t forget that Jesus will come very soon, Amen.

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