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Just For Laughs: What Happened To The Pastor Himself

Hey there! You are at the right place at the right time to release the stress you have accumulated throughout this week. Just take your time and read the funny story I have shared below. Let's get started.

The Bible talks about people who are so powerful, yet are not able to heal the diseases they themselves are suffering from. We see this is the life story of Elisha and Paul of Tarsus whose shadows could heal the sick.

One day, a powerful man of God was having a healing service right here in Ghana (Accra). Before that, he started preaching about the power of God to heal all kinds of diseases and sicknesses.

Then the Holy Spirit said to him, say to all those who are wearing eye glasses to take their eye glasses off and break them because I Am is going to heal their eyes and/or correct their eyesight.

This pastor began to break these eye glasses and behold they were indeed able to see as clearly as possible without the eye glasses because the presence of the Lord was there to heal.

Surprisingly, the pastor forgot that he was also wearing eye glasses. When he finally realized that he was also wearing one, he quickly removed and broke it but couldn't see. And he shouted, "Get me new eye glasses, I can't see anything."

Everybody was surprised, and the pastor said, "It is called the prerogative of God." Everyone laughed as you are doing now.

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Elisha Paul


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