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Reverend Eastwood Anaba Brings Smiles on the Face of a Poor Woman by Replicating What Jesus Did

In a video sighted on Sunrise TV on YouTube, the founder and general overseer of the Fountain Gate Charpel, Reverend Eastwood Anaba, during a church service at the headquarters of the church at Bolgatanga, brought smiles on the face of a poor woman.

During church service when it was time for offering, this poor woman gave all she had on her which was just GH¢2. That act of faith exercised by her touched the heart of the man of God, and so he decided to bless the life of the woman by asking church members to make massive donations for her.

In the Bible when Jesus was in the synagogue, a poor widow gave her last as offering. Although what she gave was very little, Jesus was most impressed, because what she offered was all that she had. Clearly, it is not the amount of money that matters, but the good heart with which the offering is made.

The man of God requested a basket and called on his wife to present him with an amount of GH¢200. He put the money in the basket as a donation for the poor woman, and asked the members of his congregation to do same. Many church members followed suit by also coming forward to put money in the basket as a donation for the woman.

Infact, that was exactly what the early Christians were led to do for the poor and widows. Believers sold their property and presented the proceeds at the feet of the apostles which was used to take care of the poor and the needy. The early Christians gave willingly and cheerfully so much so that none among them was in need.

Unfortunately, this practice which was very prevalent in the time of the apostles has dwindled among many believers today. The good news is that, some men of God such as Rev. Eastwood Anaba are there to remind Christians of this important practice of the early believers.

The man of God went on to note that, Religion in the Upper East that is not sensitive to the poor is no religion at all. Not only in the Upper East Region, but we live in a society where poverty abounds. If all the many churches in the country had made it their agenda to massively take care of the poor, we would have chalked massive successes in the fight against poverty in the country.

According to James in the Bible, true religion and undefiled is that you visit the widow and the poor. Jesus also made it clear that whatever good you do to your neighbour, you do to him. That was the new commandment he gave to all those that have come to believe in him. 'Love your neighbour as I (Jesus) have loved you' is the new commandment the Lord Jesus gave us.

While church members were moving forward in their numbers to put something in the basket for the poor woman, the man of God said this: "We will revamp this woman's business. I want us to change her life. We will change her life."

After they had finished making the donations for the poor widow, the man of God blessed it. He had this to tell his members to establish their faith in giving to the poor: "Whenever you come to church, don't look at people with nice shoes like yours. Rather, look at a woman like this (pointing to the poor woman) and practise pure religion."

The woman, reacting to the kindness shown her, was so overjoyed that she could not say anything. All she did was to lie on the floor of the auditorium to send a message of gratitude to God, the man of God and all those church members that donated to bring smiles on her face. She was totally short for words.

The man of God went on to reveal that he believes his action will inject a sense of gratitude in all those present and also introduce a pinch of humility in them. He belives that it will ginger other believers to do same to make our part of the world a better place. It is my hope that all those that will hear about this message will be inspired to do more for the poor and the needy, since no act of good works will go unrewarded.

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