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Story of Saint Who Picked Up His Head After It was Cut off And Walked 10Km With It In His Hands

Holy people "saints" have been heard around the world and one big example is Saint Denis. He was one of a small bunch of diocesans sent by Pope Fabian towards Gaul on a fervent duty. Oppression of Christians by Emperor Decius of Roman was regular. These diocesans were sent with the desire for reestablishing individuals' confidence and faithfulness towards Christianity, which had started to thrive there. 

The gathering advanced toward the Roman city Lutetia (currently Paris) and chose Seine, an island where they started lecturing local people. 

Denis and his allies were so powerful in changing over individuals that the agnostic clerics got frightened over their deficiency of supporters. At their impelling, the Roman Governor captured the evangelists. 

Roman Soldiers caught Saint Denis while he was going about his mission in the Northern part of France. He was placed in jail and afterward being tormented, he was condemned to a decapitation on Montmartre Hill before the Mercury Temple. 

In any case, when his head was cut off, rumors from far and wide suggest that Denis took his head and went his way. He strolled 10 kilometers which is about six miles altogether preaching along. 

The fantasy says he conveyed his head to the little town of Catulliacum (currently Saint-Denis of Paris in the north), and 'kicked the bucket' where he wanted to be laid.

Symbolism of him frequently portrays him headless and conveying his own head.

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