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Three simple steps that can make anyone Rich.

The same measure that we use will be measured back to us. If we use a teaspoon measure, a teaspoon measure will be used when our harvest time comes. If we use a large wheelbarrow, wheelbarrow measures will be brought back to us. Follow me as I show you three steps that can make you rich.

Differing Levels of Faith in Giving

Sometimes a person exercises faith for a million dollars when his faith level is not there to receive a million dollars. He may only be able to receive in one dollar measures. It sure would take a long time to receive a million dollars in one dollar measures. Usually, a person will receive sums of money in the multiples of the measure he uses. If he is giving in ten dollar measures, he will receive a harvest in ten dollar measures and not ten thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollars at one time.

The faith which we exercise in giving is the same faith we will exercise in receiving. If we have faith to give only ten dollars, we will only have faith to receive in ten dollar measures. Only when we have faith to give a hundred thousand dollars will we have faith to receive in hundred thousand dollar measures. Some people who have not even known what it is to give a thousand dollars are trying to exercise faith for a million dollars. Something is amiss. They are not moving according to their faith level.

For this reason, many people have not learned to apply the law of giving correctly and therefore experience much disappointment. Each time a person tries to move beyond his faith level, his conscience will warn him. We are to exercise our faith under the guidance of our conscience otherwise, we will end up in financial shipwrecks (1 Timothy 1:19).

Growing in Giving

Growing in giving is similar to growing in faith. We should exercise our faith to increase our giving a little at a time until our faith-muscles are well developed to handle bigger and bigger amounts. As our giving increases year by year, we will be able to believe God for bigger and bigger amounts. Always remember that the amount you receive is determined by the size of your faith-muscles to give.

Sometimes Christians have experienced a pulled faith-muscle because they have overstretched themselves. They have tried to jump in faith instead of grow in faith. Faith takes time to grow through meditation and acting upon the Word of God. In exercising faith for finances we can increase the measure we give (which will also increase the measure we receive ) by applying the law of offering with the law of saving.

The Law of Saving

When I first started my walk of faith, I was unaware of the law of saving until the Holy Spirit showed me that I needed to have a storehouse. In Deuteronomy chapter twenty eight, God said that He will command the blessing in our storehouses (Deuteronomy 28:8). The storehouses here do not refer to God’s storehouse as in Malachi but to the buildings that the Israelites used for storing goods, harvests and supplies. God expected the Israelites to learn the principles of saving.

Some Christians are of the opinion that to walk by faith means not to have any savings but to live from hand to mouth. If their wages or finances were to be delayed for a week, they would either have to starve or get into debt. Yet the very people they borrow from are those who have savings. In times like that, those who have savings become the lenders while those who have not become the borrowers.

Most people save to spend later or save for a rainy day. However, the man of faith saves in order to have staying power, lending power and giving power. Suppose a person named John Smith, earning a thousand dollars a month saves a hundred a month, he would have one thousand two hundred dollars at the end of one year. Let’s assume that John Smith gives two hundred dollars a month (ten percent tithe and ten percent offering). The measure by which John Smith has been operating is a two hundred dollar measure.

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