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Video: Pastor's Wife fights dirty with church member for allegedly sleeping with her husband.

A disturbing video going viral on the internet shows a footage of incident where a church Pastor's Wife fights dirty with another woman Inside the church. At the moment, it is not very clear what broke out the fight but it's alleged that the Pastor's Wife was fighting the church member who is said to be a daughter of the Church's Deacon because the lady is having an affair with the Pastor.

The video was uploaded on Facebook by one Sunday Ogirima and this is what he wrote about it. "TST DAILY DIGEST

SHAMELESS DANCE IN THE CHURCH The women fighting inside this Church are TST. The mummy on blue is Mrs Akaa wife of our Pastor in Umuahia District. The lady receiving the heat is the daughter of the Deaconess who is on top of the Pastor's wife. They are our TST warriors fighting themselves inside the Church.

My conscience will not be at rest if I see this and close my mouth when I know that if it is TAG that did it I will not spare them. We speak the truth even if it affects us. Some may not like me for doing this against TST Family but it doesn't matter. I'm very sorry but I have to do this. I will still do the same thing again to show others that while we condemn TAG for being rebellious and rejecting peace and Reconciliation in AG Nigeria we don't have immunity or license to act the same way and be free".

I wonder what this two women will preach again to women that look up to them in the Church. Their shame is even catching me, worst of it all, fighting on the ALTER. No fear, No Shame! I don kuku tire for this country, we no know where to begin the amendment. My brethens na so we leave Children's demma matter now come dey settle these grown up adults "sorry to say" childish act, why in the church and on the ALTER? She could have wait for her outside.

Commentary behind the video suggests the fight was between a pastor’s wife and a daughter of the Church’s deaconess who had allegedly being caught with the pastor in an uncompromised position.

Video below;

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