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What the letters in your name mean, based on numerology

Did you know that not just your birth time, date and zodiac, but the initial of your name can also determine your personality? If you go by numerology, here is what your name’s initial means. Scroll down to know what’s yours.

A.A means number 1 and it is a very powerful letter. Those who have A, have the ability to move or shake the world because of their powerful aura. They turn out to be influential people and generally like to take control of their situation. In case they are unable to, they put on a false bravado. They are bold and very courageous. Negatively, they can be very critical and discouraging to others.

B.Those with B as their initial, represent emotions. Partnerships are very important to these souls and they are very considerate people. They are courteous and cooperative personalities as well. They can sense others’ feelings and have exceptional mediation skills when they have to handle a situation which is rather complicated. They prize peace and harmony. Negatively, they can be greedy and a bit self-absorbed.

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