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Before Stepping Out This Morning Pray with this Powerful Prayer for God's Direction

Starting the day off with morning prayer is always important to every christian and all believers because such act of prayers invoked the good presence of the trinity - Father, Son and Holy spirit to be with us in a hard times during our walk in the day.

Your morning prayer centers you and bring you to focus the place where it needs to be.

When you wake up in the morning, your body, mind, soul and heart can feel really heavy and worry especially, when you are focusing on all the things you have to tackle in the day as you set off and thinking of the stress that comes with it.

This is why you should pray every morning; a powerful morning prayer will help you to overcome all your stress and worries.

So get up and recharge your soul, mind, heart and body as you begin the day with this Powerful divine prayer.

Now let's pray:

Before you pray, read Psalm 3:1-5, but focusing on verse 3.

Dear Lord, thank you for bringing me into light, the start of a new day in this month. I am much Grateful and forever praise you for who you are.

Dear Lord, I pray and ask you to renew my heart with your strength and purpose for my life as the world is renewed fresh and clean everyday.

I am praying this morning asking for divine forgiveness of sin for my mistakes committed. I am deeply sorry for my wrong doings.

I commit myself to you this morning as I set to leave to walk through the day. Be my Shield, my Glory and the one to lift my head, my path to my way and direct all my steps this morning.

Be with me today and turn everything around to help me walk through the day.

In Jesus'name.....Amen

Dear Reader, if you believe the Lord will keep you safe this day, be your shield, Glory and the lifter of your head, don't hesitate to share this post on all your social media handle.

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