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You Could Be Considered A Very Wicked Person If You Refuse To Do These

God has blessed every one of us with talents. And these talents which He has blessed us with shouldn't be wasted for any reason. Some of us have special abilities which can never be found in common people. To some people, they can be able to detect something that is negative whenever their spirits doesn't match with what they want to do.

We all are blessed in one way or the other. It is just for us to use what God has blessed us with to get that thing that we need. You must not envy someone' s else talent or ability, rather you should be more happy that you would benefit greatly from their talents. Some people have hidden talents which they don't know about.

It is just left for them to ask God to show them their talents. You can' t be able to progress more when you haven' t discovered that hidden talent of yours. You just need to pray to God and He would show you. Trying to be so wicked to fellow human beings isn't the right thing you should ever think of doing. There is always a punishment for those who feel that they could be wicked.

Live your life the way you are supposed to live it, and not by following someone' s else way of life. For your information, you would be considered wicked if you refuse to use what God has given you. Can you now understand what I was talking about? If you have that great talent which God have given you, then you shouldn't be stingy with it.

You can decide to show others the way by teaching them. The questions you should be asking yourself is: How profitable am I to God with all the blessings, talents and gifts bestowed on me? Hallelujah. Let us pray: O Lord, may I be profitable to you all the days of my life.

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