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[Instant death]: Two muslims perished in Galamsey Pit - Angel TV drops sad news from Western North.

Matters are revealing and things are getting out hand. It is very sad as Angel TV 3some news drops sad news from Western North recounting the instant death of two gentlemen on the spot of the incident as they adventure into a Galamsey Pit. It is very sad for issues like this to happen especially as today marks a muslim festivity which is the Eid. While people are massively enjoying the holiday others are also perishing in Galamsey Pit

The reporter was engulfed with saddnes as he was narrating the whole incident to Oboye on Angel TV this evening. He reported the news from Western North in Ghana as he indicate that Abubakar Gareba and his friend were not able to survive when the Galamsey Pit fall of them. They died instantly. Of course no need for them to tell you where they come from and their religion. The name is a clear indication that they are muslims. However, they are yet to prove their religion since others can have a muslim name and still be Christians and vis-a-vis.

Currently, the Police have arrested or better still apprehended the owner of the Galamsey site as they are are making their necessary investigations to find out whether or not the owner was operating the site illegal or he has a permit. This is the sad news on Angel TV all the way From Western North in Ghana.

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