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Do people go to church to visit God? I found the answer when I visited Heaven

This is the testimony of sister Afangbedzi Victoire from the Republic of Togo, married to an Mr. Herbert, an evangelist. This is the link to the story:

Sister Victoire has shared her intriguing testimony online. Going straight to the story, she narrated how Jesus took her to the gate of heaven and told her to observe what He was about to reveal unto her. Right in-front of heaven’s gate, she saw people in a queue in addition to 3 angels that also stood in-front of the gate.

She continued “then I saw an angel with eyes all over his body. I saw people in the queue advancing one by one towards the angel who had eyes on every part of his body."

She continued "In cases where the person was found worthy to enter the kingdom of Heaven, the angel would make a sign of approval by bending his head and that person would be admitted into the Kingdom of Heaven. But in cases where the person was unworthy, the angel would make a refusal sign by shaking his head.”

She indicated that once the angel made the sign of refusal, there was a powerful whirlwind that carried the person away to Hell. Whenever the person was whisked away, she could hear the cries of the person and his voice would be an echo, not to be heard anymore.

On the day she was made to observe the incident of those who stood in the queue, only one person made it to heaven while the rest of them were carried by the whirlwind to Hell.

With regards to the person wo made it to heaven, Jesus said “this woman always prayed on earth and lived at peace with everybody. She loved everybody and was so full of tenderness. She dressed with such great modesty that she did not expose any part of her body.”

She observed how the angels began to jubilate and praise the Lord when the woman finally entered Heaven. It was such a beautiful sight to behold.

She was equally happy just as the angels were. She realized how her holiness in the Lord had paid off, and a peace above every peace on earth filled her innermost being.

After that, Jesus took her away from the gate of heaven and asked her "Victoire, where do you go on Sundays?" She answered "we all go to church on Sunday to worship You, Lord." Jesus said, "Victoire, many churches do not worship Me on Sunday, they worship Satan. Even though there are many churches on earth, a lot of them do not worship Me, only few does."

Then they began to descend beneath the earth. She described how she wanted to ran away but Jesus prevented her from doing so.

She said that in hell, you will hear all types of screams and cries. You can even hold darkness in your hand. People there are wishing to repent but it is too late for them.

As they were almost there, she began to beg Jesus saying, "Please, what is this place? Get me out of here;" but then, Jesus said, "The anger that stirs in Me is because of the sin of the people, and the results of sinning awaits them here.”

She continued “I saw both men and women in hell. I saw pastors and evangelists wailing in the torments of hell. I saw a pastor from Togo that we know. His name is Morris. The Lord told me to ask him why he is here but he could not answer me when I asked because he was so full of tears."

The demons were torturing him above words. They were piercing him with their swords, he was in the fire, there were worms and snakes biting and chewing him amidst other great form of torture.

He had no option but to scream and cry in pain. As Jesus observed him, He said, "It is finished for him. He cannot return to the earth to repent."

Dear reader, the Judgement of God is not to be taken lightly. Even though they stood right in-front of Heaven’s gate, they could not enter. The torment in Hell cannot be compared to any pain on earth because the truth is that, there is absolutely no pain on earth.

If what is in hell is called Pain, then pain does not exist on earth. Let us repent before we die because it is appointed for man to die once; and after death comes Judgement.

They then moved on to the next person who was also going through intense torment; and that person was Michael Jackson. Also, Bob Marley was there. Read my next article to hear what those two celebrities were going through.

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