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A Simple Process for Seeing An Angel And Where to Look For Angels

Consider your Angels... Then think or say, Guardian Angels or Archangel Michael, please come into this current moment and stand in front of me, so I can plainly see you now.

Unfocus your eyes, calm down your thoughts, let go of any residual fears, doubts, or worries, and then start to daydream. attempting to stare blankly in front of you. Breathe and soften your eyes. As your physical eyes relax and your mind's eye opens, unwind and keep gazing gently in front of you.

Take a look at the air around you. Look through the air to see what's hidden between the elements. Using your psychic and intuitive sight, observe the "alive air" and the air's energy moving around in front of you.

Continue doing this until you start to notice the motion and energy of the air in front of you. If you still can't see it, try again later in the day, late at night, or very early in the morning when the veil is thinner.

Test it out in diverse positions, including the outdoors and different rooms. Sometimes, when it's dark outside, angels are simpler to see (as they tend to blend in with direct sunlight). It might also be beneficial to practice this in low-light conditions.

If it initially doesn't seem to work, don't worry; just keep trying. Refocus on your objective, soften your focus, and pay attention to seeing with your imagination.

Looking up into the air in front of you... Watch through as the faint silhouette of your angel starts to emerge. Continue to breathe and maintain a relaxed state of awareness, and you'll be able to observe more and more specifics about the lovely angelic being in front of you.

When you see your angel, you can become thrilled and change your focus, causing them to vanish right away. Just settle back into a carefree, daydream-like stare and wait for the angel to reappear.

Don't worry if you can't see them immediately away. You are capable of completing this. Just a bit more time and practice could be needed. If your ego mind is still half asleep when you wake up in the middle of the night at 3 a.m., try it again before you go to sleep. Even better, try it then.

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