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Five Bulletproof Signs of Your Guardian Angel Closer To You

One of the most common beliefs about Angles is that each of us has a Guardian Angel

Note this

1. Seeing a Features. white feather Is a sign of your "calling card" to your Guardian Angel. A feather may especially be an Angel sign if it appears in some unexpected place, such as in your purse or In your room or walking where its presence can easily be seen. This white feather might be a message of encouragement. It may be an angel's way of reminding you not to give up, to let you know that the end to your struggle is near and again telling you that, You are not alone.

2. You can feel his presence. The first sign your guardian angel exists is that you feel his presence. Sometimes it happens that we suddenly become aware of this presence. We may not see anything or hear anything; all we know is that there is someone near us.

3. Seeing Butterflies. Butterflies are Considered pure souls and carriers of happiness, It is said that the departed souls of our loved ones connect with us through butterflies. Also, it is believed our guardian angels contact us through butterflies. So when you see butterflies hovering over you or directing you somewhere, meaning your guardian Angel is with you.

4. Room temperature change. The room may get warmer or colder. The way angels vibrate can slow or speed up the molecules in the air, resulting in a temperature change.

5. Hearing Your Name. Have you ever been walking somewhere, in public places, and heard your name very loudly called out? maybe even more than once, this loud voice catches your attention immediately, Note that Your spirit guide is trying to get your attention.

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