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Reactions As Video of A Pastor Perfoming Miracle On A Reverend Sister Goes Viral Online (Photos)

Deliverance is a way of breaking through from satanic bondage, total liberation from generation curse. A video is a circulating on social media, a Nigerian popular pastor was seen conducting Deliverance on a reverend sister in a manner that was not right. 

 This pastor is one of Popular pastor in Africa, he does Deliverance in a way that is abnormal and discomfort. In the video a Catholic reverend sister was seen lying down on the floor and the man of God conducting the Deliverance on her was on top of her casting out demons from her. 

I've never seen such weird deliverance that looks like two people catching fun.

 The video has caused reaction on social media, people are commenting bashing the reverend sister. She should have not gone to the prophet in the first place, that it is against Catholic doctrine.

 Some said it's totally unacceptable in the Catholic doctrine the reverend sister should be dismissed, it's a slap on their face and their religion. I don't blame the prophet because that's how he does his own Deliverance.

 I've watched a video of the prophet where he lifted a heavy woman and threw her on the floor, in another video where he was choking an old aged woman nearly to death in the name of Deliverance. Most people referred to him as a Smackdown prophet.

 What's your opinion.

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