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Divorce Affair

"Fornication" one of the devil's greatest Weapons.

The sin of premarital Sex often comes up in discussions about the devil and his tactics, because it is a great distraction from God and His ways. The devil has many weapons at his disposal, but the most common one used by him is sex. In fact, we can say that sex is used as a weapon of mass destruction against both heaven and earth.

One sin that annoys God and makes him angry with man is the sin of disobedience. Sex before marriage, adultery or any form of sexual sin is actually of the devil's secret weapon to separate us from God.

Everything about us changes when we commit fornication. Our spirit, soul and body is affected. Something changes within us.

In the bible when David committed adultery with one of his army general's wife in (1 Samuel 11) he quickly realized the dangers involved and how his relationship with God was in question.

Beware of fornication, premarital and adultery etc is a weapon against your relationship with God.

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