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All animals were created from water bodies, the big secret you have got to know today.

God in his own perfection gave man hope with the vast things he created in the universe as a lot of creation stories could strongly attest to the fact that the world never came by its own but through the orders, the ingenuity and creativity of the sacrosanct being.

There are wide range of plant and animal species from one geographical area to another but realistically, it seems most of the plant and animal species on earth remain known and unknown to all races of human population on earth and we keep on discovering them through a change of environment.

To throw more light on the assertion that most plant and animal species on earth are known and unknown to certain people in different cultural backgrounds, as an empirical evidence, I found a very unique species of butterfly that looked just like the dragon fly in the Central region of Ghana, a creature I have personally not set an eye on in the Ashanti region of Ghana

A lot of the creation stories seems to amaze us when we come to realize certain truth about them categorically and it takes only those who delve deep into the holy scriptures to unfold some hidden things that are not known by most of the people

Have you ever asked about the number of plant and animal species on earth? Certainly, Scientist have estimated all plants and animal species to be around the region of 8.7 million.

Despite such claims, all the animals including amphibians, reptiles, cats like the lion, cheetah, tiger, panther, jaguar, leopard as well as all the birds and moving creatures were made from the water body, one of most controversial truth hidden in the Bible.

Most people despise the reading of the Bible at our own convenient times and rather seems to focus on our businesses to be able to cater for ourselves and families in all of our personal endeavors.

To be able to acquire riches, fight witches, heal sicknesses both spiritual and physic , get good marriage, overcome certain challenges as human beings are all enshrined in the Bible but how often do we get time for the reading of the Bible and our Quran?

I have already pointed out in my writeup that all animals were created out of water and its not just a fabricated story or fiction but an absolute truth in the book of Genesis, the first book of Moses.

It was within Genesis that we can deduce a lot from the creation story and without wasting much time, the Chapter 1 verse 20 genuinely claim according to the King James version that: "And God said, let the water bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven".

With reference from the aforementioned Bible Verse from Genesis chapter 1 verse number 20, it is clearly evidential that all animals that happens to be moving creatures and fowl like the domestic and wild birds such as the cock, turkey, eagle, parrot, guinea fowl, ostrich et cetera were created from water.

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