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Trending- Kwaku Bonsam to follow Nana Agradaa’s steps in her latest conversion to Christianity?

Nana Kwaku Bonsam as he is mostly called is one of Ghana’s renounced and regarded priests. Kwaku Bonsam has stunned Ghanaians with a lot of traditional culture and has been referred to as one of Ghana’s finest priests. Ghana being called a religious country has a majority of its citizens frowning on certain practices. These practices are practices which they claim destroys the morals of the youth who happen to be the future of the country.

Most of the priests in our recent time are involved in a lot of hideous crimes and this has called for alarm leading to the arrest and jailing of some fetish priests who have crossed their boundaries. Nana Agradaa, the priestess who was arrested not long ago publicly announced her devotion to Christ and repentance from her old ways and has dissolved all matters concerning the idol worship etc.

This was a shock to many Ghanaians as they claimed Nana Agradaa’s motive is to use this as a decoy to enter another strategic means to earn money and go scot-free. Kwaku Bonsam who is in the same shoe as Nana Agradaa was asked a few questions few hours ago which put him in a very tight corner in his struggle to give a befitting answer.

Kwaku Bonsam was asked if there’ll be a time when he will follow the lead of Nana Agradaa into the current union with the Christian family. He was further questioned on what his thoughts on this was and this made him react in a very matured way. Koku Bonsam revealed that he has duped no one of his or her possessions.

And also, he does not think his practices does not glorify the maker. Kwaku Bonsam claims we are all serving the most high in every possible and diverse way we can and this means a conversion from his practices to any other religion is currently not a necessity.

He however revealed that it is not a bad move by Nana Agradaa to join the Christendom. His opinion on whether he will join her or not someday remains everyone’s interest. He laid emphasis on glorifying the maker through helping people as well as any other person.

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