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Dag Heward-Mills in more trouble as Otumfuo's biographer Finds Issues with His Apology Letter.

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Before we dive into this story, one advice that I will give to everyone is that becareful with the words you speak. In your sight it may seem unharmed or not harsh, but the question is how does the recipient sees it.

We all know that not long ago, Pastor Dag Heward Mills, ( the founder and general overseer of Lighthouse Chapel international) went viral with a video where he was heard to have spoken against Otumfour Osei Tutu the ll (Asantehene), for not leaving any lagacy except that the celebration of funerals and anniversaries.

The audio was first aired on one of the famous programs done on NET2 TV', called The Seat. This got the pastor under fire, and was expected to apologise.

Heward-Mills then issued a letter to Otumfuo after the audio recording of him chastising the Asantehene went viral.

In the letter, the pastor idicated that the audio was taken from a sermon he preached 20 years ago, and that the sermon had popped up and is being circulated by "some persons who have previously declared that they will maliciously cause his churches in Kumasi to be closed down".

He also made mention of many achievements of Otumfour which verifies the fact that He wasn't referring to him in the audio he made.

Well, the biographer of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Abyna-Ansaa Adjei has punched holes into the apology letter Bishop Dag Heward-Mills wrote to the Asantehene.

According to Ms Adjei, she published a biography of Otumfuo nearly 20 years ago. The biography captured the establishment of the Otumfuo Educational Fund in Novemeber 1999, as well as his visits to very important places and occasions.

"None of the events you mention in your ‘sermon’ are recorded in this book from “nearly 20 years ago” simply because they had not taken place. "Which 5 year anniversary had he celebrated? Which Coronation event had he hosted? Which 10 year anniversary do you speak about? Which statue had been erected in his honour?," she said.

Abyna posted this on her Facebook page, ending with the statement, "Osofo, an apology to insult the King’s intelligence is not an apology. Please. Thank you!".

Checkout an image of Her reply to the apology letter;

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