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I Dress in Muslim garb because I have a large 'nyash' and don't want to lure guys to sin

Sister Catherine, sometimes known as Sister Kate, a well-known Nigerian evangelist, has responded to some of her admirers' inquiries about her appearance. 

The preacher, who is known for her 'rapture' sermons, made it apparent right immediately that she is not a Muslim

She claims she only wears the hijab to conceal her identity, which she believes puts men seeking love at risk. 

Many people have assumed I am a Muslim since I began wearing the Hijab. First and foremost, I am a resurrected Christian. If you stare at a woman lustfully, you have committed a sin against God, according to Matthew 5:28.

"Every time I preach the Gospel in my regular clothes, some men will scrutinize my backside, hips, and other parts of my body." They will no longer pay attention to the message. My shape, according to many men, is killing me. 

"Sometimes, some people just want to rape me with their looks." Some people will even follow me and accept to become my disciple only to see what God has given me. It is not a sin to have a shape like this, but it is a sin to use it to lead people away from God.

"Even God has revealed to me in my nightmares that I should refrain from enticing men. And I had no idea things had progressed to this far. Then I chose the Hijab. This is due to the fact that it completely fits my figure. "I see some females wearing garments that reveal their sensitive parts, such as their hips, and I don't want to be the reason why some individuals would miss Heaven." Please put an end to it; you are robbing God of many people. I'm not suggesting you wear a hijab, but you should cover your body, especially if you're like me.

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