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Satan did not deceive Adam and Eve in the garden of eden, he spoke the truth. (Genesis 3:5)

Jesus is our Lord and personal saviour and in him we much trust for he has done so many for us, he died on the cross just to save our life but what do we give him in return, just doing things against his will.

Let's take this short prayer, dear father Lord in heaven, I believe I have sinned and has fallen short the glory of God. Oh father Lord, please forgive me, wash away my sins, purify and cleanse me.

May I yield good fortune in your name, may I live to impress only you and no there man or god on earth. Thank you father lord for answering my prayer. Amen.

Anyway, Satan was an angel seated at the left hand side of God in heaven. He rose against God one day and he was cast out of heaven unto the earth with his alliance.

Anyway, after that. God created the first man out of dust and a woman as his supporter. God warned them not to eat from the tree of good and evil which is in the midst of the garden of eden but can eat any other tree.

Satan then told the woman to eat from that tree she would know good and evil which she did and knew. She told her partner Adam and he also did same. They now knew good and evil and realised their nakedness.

And yes, when they ate from the tree they knew good and evil. You can see it for yourself in Genesis 3:5. Gid himself even said that yes, now they are like one of us knowing good and even which means Satan did not deceive Adam and Eve. Read it for yourself as God said;

Have you seen that? Look, am not trying to say that Satan is not a liar yes he is a liar but with that part he didn't lie because it was true.

I am 100% against Satan, you can click most of my articles and see for yourself. In almost all if them I try to win souls for Christ no matter what am writing on.

What is your think and say of this?

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