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BEWARE: You Will Continue To Suffer If You Keep Doing This In The Church

Some Believers dispute that they have been the recipients of miracles that they were not aware of. They attend church on a regular basis, begging for miracles and blaming God or the preacher if they do not receive them.

God answers prayers, but terrible circumstances might make it difficult for God to respond. Four mindsets are listed below that may prevent you from receiving your benefits.

Pride In the Face Of God

God despises individuals who are excessively domineering and arrogant, according to the Bible on several occasions. Despite these warnings, many members in the church continue to exhibit this behavior. Even though the preacher is kneeling, some individuals do not kneel before God in church when praying. They behave as though they want to aid God, but they don't. Never expect God to bless you if you can't be submissive before Him. He favors the meek and scorns the arrogant.

Conducting Private Discussions During Sermons

Because of this mentality, many people lose out on wonderful meetings. When the sermon is up and running, this set of members always undertakes one or more jobs. You may notice them pushing and manipulating their phones, or you may notice them conversing with others. Only a person with a critical mind who pays great attention to God during church services will be blessed by God. It will be difficult for God to take care of you if you can't focus on God when you're in Church.

Refusing To Pay Tithe

Evidence leads to triumph, according to the Bible (see Revelation 12: 11). It also encourages people to believe in God by demonstrating their faith via miracles. Unfortunately, many of the members who have been blessed by God do not share their experience. They keep it to themselves, unaware that they are stopping God from doing even more for them.

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