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The End Is Near: See What Pastor Was Teaching His Congregation In Church

The house of God has been reduced to a place of weird practices and teachings. The house of God was supposed to bring people closer to the divine aura of their Maker but what do we see these days. Sheer display of fragrant activities and you will have people quoting scriptures to support such foolery.

Nonetheless, some Churches do the right things and don't condone or practice activities that mock the name of God or bring disdain and disgrace to the abode of God.

A pastor was captured on camera putting a huge cucumber in the mouths of his female congregants just to teach them how to play with their partner's toy. You don't need the holy spirit to decipher whether this practice is from God or not, just common sense should tell you that there is a wolf wrapped in sheep's clothing.

The incident occurred in Nigeria. Faith and spirituality is a very beautiful thing. However, we must be cautious about the leaders that lead us in our faith and spirituality to help us stay on course and not drift astray.


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