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Noble: the Ghanaian immigrant who turned water into wine in Ukraine

war has never been the wishes of any living being and the state as a whole. And once that emerges we must be able to face, there is when heroes are made. As the saying goes " in the midst of any dark clouds there's a silver lining.. This is certainly a story of a friend who was able to flourish in times of war in Ukraine: he's my man who was able to turn water into wine. 

During the war, one group of people who suffered from the war in silence is the African immigrants. And among them is Collins a student Dentist in his final year. At the time when missiles and artilleries were running on the roof of most Ukraine cities and shelling became their daily reminder of another horror day to endure, he was able to gather the brevity of Samson and faith of the apostles and drove three nights through the battle cities with other colleagues hoping to find a promise land where they can hear the cries of early birds and not the sounds of deadly guns.  

Driving for several nights and days at various check points, he was able to finally get to the borders of Poland. At the Polish border and with a traffic of about twenty kilometers waiting for them all to be welcome into foreign land; a citizen now a refugee in a foreign land. Collins upon seeing the length of the traffic which could take weeks for them to be cleared decided to set off to another neighboring border with Ukraine; Hungary.  

Finally the storm was over and they got to safety at last. In Hungary he was warmly welcomed by some incredible people in the country side of Budapest. Items of relief started pouring in their door steps. They could finally get a place to call home because they found peace. He now lives happily in Canada, takes to their support to him where he intend to return to lunch his book entitled "tales from the battleground"

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