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'As A Scientist, Homosexuality Doesn’t Make Sense' - Prof. Osei Sarfo Kantanka

The former Bishop of Kumasi Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana, Right Reverend Professor Osei Sarfo Kantanka said, as a scientist, homosexuality doesn't make sense.

Right Reverend Professor Osei Sarfo Kantanka compared maize to homosexuality.

He said, the male part of maize has a tassel whiles the female part has the stigma and style to receive pollen from the male side of the plant.

So if the maize plant doesn't get another to shed its pollen, it produces no maize grain.

This also applies to homosexuality as, if the males doesn't get the opposite sexes, then no one can procreate on the earth.

Looking at the comparison above, even plants have the male and female sexes to reproduce and how much more humans.

This doesn’t make sense whenever homosexuality is concerned because you only need the opposite gender to reproduce and procreate.

Right Reverend Professor Osei Sarfo Kantanka disclosed this in an interview at Luv FM.

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