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Good Effort: Ghanaians Praise the Church of Pentecost for Bringing 15,000 Anti-LGBTQI Signatories.

The Church of Pentecost has officially cemented its name as one of the churches that sees the full importance of legislation of the “Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill.” This bill seeks to criminalize the activities of the LGBTQI+ in Ghana. In fact, a survey shows that 90% of Ghanaians are for this bill and therefore the churches are highly confident about their support.

The Church of Pentecost presented six (6) memos and 15,000 signatories to parliament. During the presentation, Apostle Eric Nyamekye added that “as a church, our concern is not about today, but the future. When we allow the activities of the LGBTQI+ what would happen is that it would lead to same-sex marriages, which the President has said would never happen under his watch.”

Indeed, some of the 90% of the population praised the church for taking such an important step in the decision on an abominable activity. Although other supporters of the LGBTQI+ people were blasting the church for substituting fundamental human rights for petty emotional sentiment, other Ghanaians retaliated in a more draconian style to leave the impression that indeed, they abhor sexual orientation. This is how some people reacted to the matter. There is no amount of pressure that can change the minds of Ghanaians to support the LGBTQI+. Many people see all moves that seek to advocate for LGBTQI+ to be modern-day "Western Colonialism." Thus, there is this vehement antagonist against them.

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