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What is Even Happening to our World :See how this pastor prays for a church member for healing.

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Indeed religion has brought a lot to our world, and many people do a lot of strange things In the name of Religion. People sell a lot of stuff and give different strange directions to their followers for many different purposes. Well, you can never tell the reality of these directions and acts.

The pastor in the image above was capture siting on the faces of of some of his church men and even stepping on them with his leg, all in the name of praying for the. To be healed. I don't know what you think dear readers, but I think this is very strange.

Jesus did many strange and amazing miracles, but I don't think he ever stepped or sat on the faces of people as as piece of healing. Many times in the Bible, Juses stood in public and made a mere declaration and people were healed in their homes without touching them, that is what we call miracles.

Well I can't say a lot, though the Bible says that in in the end times, faults prophets will come, I can conclude or criticize him that he's a faults prophet or pastor but all that I can say is that this is extremely strange act to do, and I wouldn't do such a thing if I was a pastor.

Many people have their comments when this photo was uploaded. Some said this is not true Christianity because that's not what Christ taught us. Others also said that it's not from God and some even went far to day that it's total foolishness, ah well, you can also give your comment down below to express your views.

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