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The Herb That Drives Away Evil Spirits

The Herb called "Nyanya" is powerful. Nyanya is an ancient herb called Momordica Charantia used by our forefathers and even now at present time. As of now, it is additionally used by spiritualists for spiritual purposes.

It is believed that it drives away evil from children especially babies. It can be used to bath or dried on the sun in order to burn. Another thing is that it can be hanged in a room with just a branch and it is also very effective.

In my experience, I was having problems with my business, it was very hard; people were not purchasing my food. I was so worried that I told a friend and he made mention of this herb and to my surprise, this herb was just infront of me in a certain house just a few metres away. I quickly went to pluck few branches and before I did that I placed a coin like fifty pesewas infront of where the herb was growing. It is believed to be the right thing to do to prevent the herb from dying. My business is now doing well.

This herb can be a male and female. Anyone who knows the herb well can easily identify it.

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Herb Momordica Charantia Nyanya


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