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Christians, Do You Know What The Meat Muslims Gives To You During Sallah Stands For?

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Last year's Eid UL Adha celebration by the Muslims was great and we are expecting massive one this year but there are some key points to consider or take note of. Eid UL Adha is celebrated to mark the end of Hajj.

It is also used remember the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God. Because of his obedience God provided a sheep to be sacrificed instead of his son. By doing so, they kill animal at this celebration.

The meat is divided into three parts, one for the needs, one for the family and one for the poor.

Just by the way, the meat that christians receive from Muslims represent love and caring so it must be received with clean heart and consume it and not to be thrown away.

Please Christians, if you know you won't take in the meat that will be given to you by Muslims coming this year's Eid UL Adha, please kindly don't accept it.

Thanks for reading.

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