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Declare This Powerful Prayer Before Bed

Good evening my sisters and brothers in Christ, he has push us through again glory to his name.Declare this powerful prayer before you sleep.

Thank you Father of my life, for a wonderful day today, thank you for your mercies and grace upon my life, thank you for your protection in my activities today, dear Lord as I declare this prayer today let my life never be the same again.

God's exchanging DELAYS in your life with a SUPERNATURAL SPEED in Jesus mighty and precious.Whatever makes you feel persistently SAD and MOROSE is LEAVING your life NOW.May the Lord REVERSE any negative PROUNCEMENTS made against you privately.

You'll DEFINITELY do well by the grace of God.May God by reason of His Spirit HELP every WEAKNESS of yours.May God SILENCE the voice of the ACCUSER on your behalf.God's giving you the UPPER HAND in every BATTLE you're engaged.

May God deliver you from every SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL IMPAIRMENT.Any COVEN that has your NAME mentioned and your PICTURE displayed catches FIRE now.Your SHORTCOMINGS cannot be the reason why you'll not become a REGULAR GUEST at the kings table like Mephibosheth.God is MINDFUL of you.Believe it in Jesus name.

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