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Pure Truth About Tithing.[Part 1] What Every Christian must know.

Tithing is simply giving a tithe,and a tithe is simply giving a tenth.The truth about tithing has often been misconstrued because individuals fail to study the bible for themselves but rather depend on pastors to interpret the bible for them.They listen to wealthy TV evangelists who use their tithe to fund extravagant lifestyles.The irony of all these riches is that,our own Yeshua(Jesus)stated clearly that it will be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God-matthew 19:24,yet they keep preaching about wealth and success,at the expense of morals and salvation.Since they’ve amassed wealth for themselves,in reference to what Yeshua(Jesus) said,will they make it to the kingdom of God??

They do not teach the truth about tithing but wittingly or unwittingly they operate a Ponzi Scheme where they guilt you to send money to them.Learning the truth about tithing would certainly set you free.

Now after God led the israelites out of Egypt,tithing became a sacrificial system established for Israel.Livestock and agricultural produce were the only commodities presented as tithe and offering in the Bible.

Now,through Moses,God established tithing in Torah,among other reasons to support levites whom he did not give any inheritance in the promised land.The levites were supposed to minister to the children of Israel.

All tribes of israel were required to present three(3) tithes:two yearly tithes of 10%,each of agricultural produce and livestock and a third tithe of 10% every three years of agricultural produce only.

A lot of times, i hear people say:

”My pastor says i should tithe via momo or cheque to the church,however i’m carrying a balance on my account,these leaders say it’s no excuse,i must tithe.They quote Malachi 3vs10 and tell me not to rob God and when you tithe they tell you God will bless you.”

They ask,”do i tithe from the gross or from the net,and they ask,do i give my tithe to my church or a different ministry”.Deuteronomy 26:12 clearly states whom you should pay your tithe to.

When you study the truth about tithing and giving in the Bible as directed by the holy spirit,you’d realize that Tithing is not today’s basis for a believer to give to the Lord.

Let me state emphatically,tithing does not apply today.Jesus was offered as a sacrificial lamb to take away our sins as a replacement for the Aaronic priesthood,abolishing the need for intermediaries to sacrifice animals as atonement for our sins.

Study the truth about tithing and giving in the Bible with an open mind directed by the Holy Spirit and you’d realize that,indeed,tithing does not apply today.Neither the temple nor Aaronic priesthood exists today and so the Levitical Tithe(Numbers 18:21-32,(10%) and the Aaronic priesthood(Exodus 30:30),does not apply today.

In my next article,we would dive deeper into levitical tithe,festive tithe(consumed by the giver in deuteronomy 14vs 22 onwards) etc

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