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Follow these procedures, to be free from bondage and hardship.

Snail and salt, a Simple work of an ancient days that can get one out of bondage and hardship.

One of the simple work of the olden days that can work quickly to release one from bondage and hardships.

Using salt and snail

makes you to become blessed amongst

your equals

*It makes one to pay his/her debts with

immediate effect

*It can remove evil hand or witchcraft hand

from ones body.

*It makes one to reach his/her glory point


*It also enables one to be financially stable.

All you need is just only two materials or items.

*Giant snail

* Salt.


Put one giant snail into a bucket that have water inside, the water that we can use to bath for an hour after an hour bring the dead snail instantly and it will bringing out some liquor.

Pour that liquor into one cup,use it to mix a soap,you can use it all at ones.

Now use the soap to bath with the water,please this should be done at midnight

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