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So, Can This Child Make it to Heaven? Look at What He’s Doing at Mosque.

In this world, there is no way a day will pass by without the people in the universe hearing something that is shocking or mind-blowing. Day-in-day-out, there is something to discuss and pass comments on. Some come with lessons for people to learn from. Others too are just not understandable.

I mean, how on earth can a 5yr old boy grab the backside of a 7yr old girl during worship. This is interesting especially after the girl too appeared apathetic to what was going on. Whether she was enjoying the moment or otherwise, only God can tell. This grabbing issue happened in an Islamic children’s class- what Christians call a “Sunday School.”

So, even if you will sin by touching someone in an indecent manner, should it be at the premises of Allah? A place that is supposed to be the centre of worship and exaltation. It means Allah is there, but these children are mindless of God’s presence in the atmosphere, they were just busy combining the worship and sinning.

With this clear violation of the law of decency by the Lord, can they be allowed to enter the place of God after death? Well, if they ask forgiveness and stay away from things like this, they are good to go. But if this boy continues with this behaviour, I tell you he will do more grave sins as far as fornication is concerned. 

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