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Covid-19:4 Reasons Why Moslems Cannot Pray Jumuah Prayers Despite Ban Lifting

The issues of covid-19 has not seize to bring commanding changes to the livelihood of mankind, having forced Ghana government to introduce partial lockdown and ban on social gatherings,the president would have sympathies with religious bodies for halting their Godly activities by lifting these restrictions.

Many of these religious bodies were also asking for this favour thinking that, Mr. President decision for the bans were driven by politics but today these religious bodies seems to realize that lifting of ban goes with strict observation of hygiene protocols which still make things difficult for them.

On 31st May,2020 the president of Ghana H.E.Nana Akuffo Addo lifted the ban on social gatherings including opening of mosques and churches with rules and asking them to dedicate their Congregational prayers to seeking mercy from God for Ghana

Beyond the ban, many pastors have come out to announce continuous closure of churches as done by Mr.Mensah Otabel,the national chief Imam has also asked for suspension of Friday prayers until further notice.

In Tamale the northern regional capital, Ambariya Sunni community leadership has also asked for non performance of Friday prayers (Jumuah) until further notice, I have therefore outline 4 reasons why Moslems refused to open for Friday prayers.

Non membership

Unlike churches, mosques don't have known, regular,compulsory and committed membership,any Moslem can pray in any mosque in the world whether he/she is a stranger, community member, visitor of friend and family among others.

The president in his address indicated register of names and contacts of visitors at worshiping centers which can only be done in centers that have committed regular membership but since mosques don't have such the better they don't pray.

Rules of Moslem Prayers

Fiqih in Islam means implementation of the exact practical ways our beloved prophet Mohammed SAW did in prayers.

Moslems pray in lines standing behind the imam feet to feet and shoulder to shoulder without creating space for the known enemy devil and it is compulsory for the one to lead prayers to ensure straightness of lines and closeness of gabs in between them.

Again this act will violate the 1 meter social distance protocol announced by the president therefore making it another reason why Moslems refused to open for Friday prayers.

An Hour Per Session Rule

Apart from the five daily prayers which uses about 10 minutes, Congregational prayers like Friday prayers involves the delivery of sermon in Arabic language followed by it's translation and explanation before the prayers it self which can take more than an hour.

Moslems don't also pray in sessions or badges as in other religions and can't follow the rule of an hour time frame for Friday prayers.

100 Worshipers at a Center

Again the safety protocol that seeks for not more than 100 worshipers at a particular center will not be applicable for Friday prayers, remember that Moslems don't have fixed membership in their mosques and don't also pray in sessions and many of these religious centers will register not less than 100 worshipers which will make it difficult to regulate and to obey.

It means that,if worshipers are more than 100 at a particular center violate the directive of the president and Islam teaches Moslems to follow rules and regulations of their respective country as part worship.

The exponential nature of Ghana's covid-19 cases can also be a contributing factor that religious bodies will not make it known now but defusing to pray Congregational once has reasons and shouldn't be questioned unknowingly, I therefore believe that churches who have decided not to open also have tangible reasons to that effect.

Do read and share for many to benefit.

By:Alaba 86

Content created and supplied by: Alaba86 (via Opera News )

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