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Husband and wife relationship

Wife pours acid on Pastor whiles he was sleeping.

  This afternoon on Oyerepa TV’s “Oyerepa Afutuo” program, Mr Lamptey, who is also the victim has given accounts on how his wife poured acid on him and also tried to kill him with a stick.

  According to Pastor Lamptey, he traveled for a month and three weeks, on his return, he came to meet his wife who had also returned from a 3 days visit from her mother. He even helped her undress that evening.

  They sent one child to buy them food and they all ate together. After eating they both went to bed and while on bed, Mrs Lamptey who is the wife of the pastor asked him to lye flat for she wants to sleep on his chest.

  He refused, and the wife angrily walked away. While on the bed alone, he slept off and all of a sudden he felt something had been poured on his face. He came off the bed and the wife again took a stick trying to hit him but he managed to take it from her and she ran.

   After she left, he tried to wash his face with water because he was feeling burns on his face but to no avail. People who heard the noise came to his aid and help sent him to the hospital

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