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From Idol Worshiping To First Church Service: Has ‘Vangelist’ Patricia Oduro Really Changed?

It seems ‘Vengelist’ Patricia Oduro Kwarteng has really repented from her old deeds and turned to the Lord.  

Nana Agradaa, as she is popularly known stepped into the house of the Lord for the first time after her repentance to join other congregation to hold a church service.

According to motion pictures available, Nana Agradaa could be seen in a beautifully designed white and yellow straight dress singing praises to the Lord.

She could be seen occupying the front seat with a black nose mask and a spectacle to match.

From her demeanor, the Nana Agradaa we used to know has really repented to Christ. She looks very calm and different with all her actions indicating she has indeed offered the rest of her life to Christ.

It is unknown if Nana Nana Agradaa has any intention of establishing her own church but for now, it is believed that she is worshiping with the church of her husband, Pastor Oduro Kwarteng.

Nana Agradaa who used to be a fetish priestess claims to have repented. She is now known as Evangelist Patricia Oduro Kwarteng, a name she retrieved from her husband who is also a pastor.

Nana Agradaa’s husband has confessed that several attempts to previously convert her wife from idol worshiping to God proved futile.

He was however happy when Nana Agradaa finally decided to burn all her idols and embrace God. Nana Agradaa has indicated her resolve not to go back to idol worshiping again.

The first Church Service has been held after her repentance and many Ghanaians are hoping to see if Nana Agradaa will continue.

There are however doubts that Nana Agradaa will go back to her idol worshiping.

Even though Nana Agradaa has repented, most of her victims are looking for other avenues to claim their locked up monies.

Some have allegedly pledged to drag Nana Agradaa to court until their monies are returned. There are others who have also vowed to storm her house and claim their monies.  

Several of such complaints are already lying on the tables of the Ghana Police Service. Most of Nana Agradaa’s Sika Gari victims have also poured out their frustrations in the various media space but to no avail.  

From a full-time Idol worshiping to her first Church Service, The big question that is lingering in the minds of several Ghanaians is whether Nana Agradaa has really changed.

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