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The Krobos do not appreciate girls at age five or less for their puberty rite. See why.

Africa is a lovely and great continent maximumly known adage and recent for some cultural practices they observe. When we come to Ghana, a whole lot is seen. The Ada festival, Fetu Afahye, the Gas, Ashanti's and so on and forth. Today's look is on the Krobos.

The Krobo is one rich part of Ghana which upon all change in our practices still hold on to their beliefs. A good example is the Dipo rite . This Dipo rite is literally performed for young girls who after ,had experienced their first menstruation. This shows even at age thirteen when a girl who has gone through Dipo , can get married.

Note : a girl who does not undergo this rite is termed abandoned by its tradition. Their God won't provide any comfort, blessings or favour in the girl's daily activity.

Meanwhile , for some untrusted securities like early pregnancy, parents try to have their girl at a very younger stage done , providing they have what's necessary.

Upon much observation ,the Krobos have noticed girls usually at five ,(who undergo Dipo rite)are lustfully used by men. They say they are termed as 'diary truck' for these men. All their intension is to get few gifts or presents for that will please their guardians.

However, the Krobos don't appreciate girls at a very young stage for Dipo. Thank you.

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