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Prices Of Animals In Kumasi Mayanka Skyrockets; You'll Feel Sorry To Know How Much Each Is Sold

Today, Tuesday July 20th is the "big sala" known as Eidul-Adha. Eidul-Adha comes with sacrifices as a sign of remembrance of Abraham's sacrifice of Ismail. Hence Muslims are expected to also sacrifice any healthy animal they can afford. But Kumasi Muslims have complained bitterly about the current prices of animals

The prices of animals in Kumasi Mayanka have seen a massive increase, almost 110% of what it was sold last year. Last year, a sheep was sold at an average of Ghc1,500 but now when one goes to Kumasi Mayanka, they are being sold at Ghc3,500

Traders and sellers are attributing the increase in prices to the increase in taxes coupled with the high costs of transportation as traders travel to neighbouring countries like Niger ,Burkina Faso, Mali , in search of the commodity.

Meanwhile, the Muslims have also complained about some sellers in Kumasi Mayanka who sell to them sick and unhealthy animals for the sala. According to them, the religion and the rules require healthy and strong animals for the Eid so selling to them sick animals is cruelty.

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