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Surprising Roles Of Guardian Angels

The most referenced type of angel is the Guardian Angel. Perhaps you were told as a child that a Guardian Angel watched over you, or as an adult you might have prayed—in a moment of desperation—to your Guardian Angel for help. The good news is Guardian Angels are not just a cultural conceit—Guardian Angels are very real, and you have more than one.

Guardian Angels are assigned to each human before birth, and Guardian Angels take a sacred oath to stay with you, and advocate for you, throughout your life. Guardian Angels love their job, and their energy is a maternal, nurturing one. But Guardian Angels only have one child, and that child—you—is their favorite.

The number of Guardian Angels assigned to humans will vary from person to person, depending upon the challenges and destiny of each individual. But no matter how many Guardian Angels you have, they work exclusively for you. Their entire existence is dedicated to helping you navigate and make the most of this earthly journey.

Therefore Guardian Angels know every detail about your life, your every dream and goal, your fears and heartaches. Guardian Angels are also privy to Spirit’s plan for your life, including any obstacles or opportunities on the horizon. Go to Guardian Angels with your most intimate prayers, the wishes closest to your heart. No one knows you better than your Guardian Angels.

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