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I saw Benson Idahosa going through great torments even after all his exploits he did - Pastor Paul

In our day and age, divine visits are common. By God's grace, so many people have visited heaven or hell and returned to tell their stories. Pastor Noah from Nigeria is one such person, and he tells his story below.

He began by describing how Jesus appeared to him on earth and how he decided to send him to hell in order for certain things to be revealed to him. I will now take you to the bottomless pit, where people who won souls for me are, Jesus said to him.

Some of the souls they won are now in Heaven, while they are in Hell. I'll show you other pastors who are in the bottomless pit. These are those who performed exploits for My Kingdom but are now in Hell due to one or more sins.

When they finally arrived in hell, the first thing he noticed was the presence of God's enemy, the devil, and how His enemy had to bow to our Lord Jesus Christ.

He stated that as soon as we arrived at the bottomless pit, Jesus exuded true brightness, power, and authority. Satan then collapsed on the ground, face down. Everything around him came to a halt; there was no noise, no nothing. Everything was perfectly still.

Even though he knew Jesus was very powerful, he had no idea to what extent satan was no match for Jesus, given how powerless satan was in the presence of the Lord.

So, in my thoughts, I asked myself if this is Satan; immediately, Jesus turned and said, Yes, this is Satan, whom you exalt more than My Name. Have you noticed how he bowed before me? There was no noise, and all ongoing activity in the entire section of hell came to a halt.

Then Jesus showed him the bottomless pit, which had some famous pastors who had died in it. He never imagined that a certain pastor would be found in hell because of his exploits for God while on earth. As he looked in the direction of the pit, Jesus abruptly said, "See my son Idahosa."

The type of torture Idahosa was subjected to, he observed, was simply intolerable. A powerful man on Earth was being tortured in Hell beyond human comprehension.

Idahosa was lying flat on his back on the ground, he continued. He was chained on every part of his body, including his legs, waist, and hands. Seven iron blades were pierced through the left side of his neck, and another appeared on the right. His eyeballs were outside, as was his tongue.

Seeing how Benson Idahosa was being tortured, Jesus decided that the pastor should also be tortured, so He dropped him into the torment.

This is a common experience because people like Emmanuel Samsonjude, Angelica Zambranno, Mary Baxter, and others were all abandoned in hell to suffer the tortures alone. He went on, "Jesus wanted to throw me into the bottomless pit itself to experience the agony."

I begged and screamed that I didn't want to fall into the bottomless pit. He commanded me with a shout, saying, 'Hurry up, there isn't much time.' I was immediately in the pit.

Because Satan was still powerless in the presence of Jesus, he was unable to operate at all. However, once he was dropped into the pit, the story changed and became frightening.

He went on. Throughout this time, Satan remained motionless on the ground, but after Jesus dropped me, He Jesus removed His eye from me. As he yelled and shouted, Satan rose from the ground and began beating his chest with his two hands in rage. "This sorrowful man, this righteous man (Jesus) has come to destroy me," he said.

He sent Michael Sambo, Linda, Pagah, and Margaret to hell, and now he has sent this insane man (John) to hell.

When people visit hell, secrets are revealed, and his Kingdom suffers as a result. That is something the devil cannot bear, and he does not want his evil kingdom to be revealed to mankind as a whole.

He continued to torment me, and as he did so, Jesus opened my ear to hear what he was saying in rage. 'I will torment you,' he said. We hide hell in men's minds so they don't know until they come here, and if you use your mouth to reveal it, I will torment you.'

He then went on to describe the torments Satan subjected him to in his rage. I tried to call out the name of Jesus as they tormented me, but I couldn't. My tongue was chained outside, my eyeballs were chained outside, my body had been broken into pieces, and they had cut and sliced me until I was a skeleton.

My body will then revert to being a skeleton, and they will slice me until I am again a skeleton. It will then reform, and they will slice it once more. It was all part of a cycle.

They yanked out my tongue and began chopping it up. In pain and agony, I continued to scream. There was no way I could breathe, my breath stopped as I tried to speak, there was no way I could breathe.

Dear Sir or Madam, Bishop Benson Idahosa has gone to Hell. Before he died, he preached a message titled "The Benefit of Death," and he preached so forcefully that he rendered death useless.

He made it clear to everyone that he had completed the work that God had assigned to him in that message, but he is now in Hell.

Don't get too comfortable with your immortality. If Idahosa is in Hell after everything God has used him for, you must not take Jesus for granted. Please subscribe to my page for more.

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